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The Johns Hopkins University Press is respected as one of the finest non-profit publishers in the nation. JHUP is not only the oldest university press in America, but it also administers one of the largest university press journals programs.
Founded in 1878, with the establishment of the American Journal of Mathematics, the JHUP journals program continues to thrive and expand. Today, the Press publishes more than sixty illustrious serials in the arts and humanities, technology and medicine, higher education, and library science. We continue to seek out important scholarly publications to join our program.

Success at Every Stage of Publishing
Many editors are quick to realize that designing, producing, marketing, and distributing a scholarly journal is an immensely complex and time-consuming process. The JHUP Journals division offers a full range of publishing, membership, and electronic publishing services that will add to the quality of your publication and increase its impact. From assisting you in soliciting manuscripts, through design, printing, electronic publishing promotion, and customer service, the JHUP Journals division will allow you and your organization to focus on its core mission: producing, fostering, and disseminating important scholarship. Our dedicated staff will be committed to working with you to increase your publication’s value.

Some Benefits of Partnering with JHUP:

  1. Reputation: Offering respect and visibility in the academic world
  2. Editorial Control: Allowing you the freedom to produce high-quality scholarship
  3. Stability: No risk of buyouts, mergers, or other disruptions of service
  4. Innovation: A leader in electronic publishing as developers of Project MUSE®
  5. Commitment to Personalized Service: To our editors, contributors, individual and institutional subscribers
  6. Competitive but Fair: Renowned for our reasonable pricing and equitable contract terms

If you or your organization are considering changing your current publishing arrangement, we urge you to consider The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Please contact:
William M. Breichner
Journals Publisher
The Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Tel: 410-516-6985 • Fax: 410-516-3866

For More Information Visit:

The Johns Hopkins University Press | 2715 North Charles Street | Baltimore, Maryland 21218 | (410) 516-6900